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The Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto is an important area of naturalistic interest, which extends 20 km ca. north of Brindisi; it is composed of a coastal marsh with dense reeds, a tower looking over a low promontory and little beaches surrounded by rocky ledges. The rich diversity of habitats and landscapes is what mostly characterizes this land and it is exactly the biodiversity that allows different instructions for use to reconcile pastime and the pleasure for a nice walk through the nature, always with knowledge and observance toward the park. We are offering you the chance to discover this impressive ecosystem through our carefully structured two-wheels excursion.

The route will start in the city centre, close to the port, where all the participants, with their own bike, will meet and through the boat service will be carried on the other side, where they could find a workstation where to pick up a hearty packed lunch. The first stop of the route is the visit to the church of St. Mary of Casale, which rises 3 km from the centre, and it is an amazing example of Romanesque-gothic style of the XIII century. It has a Latin cross shape and the façade is covered with red and white stones. Inside, you can admire a series of frescoes, the most important of which is ‘The last Judgment’, signed by Rinaldo from Taranto.

From the church, a country road will drive you to the coastal road, a stretch 10 km long riding the bike while enjoying the sun and looking at the sea, smelling and hearing the flora and fauna. Here, your journey into the scrubland really starts and in the last stretch you will follow a dirt track path to get in to the Reserve. Once here, a guide will takes you in the main part of the scrubland, explaining in depth the history of the natural reserve and which animal species hide in here. The last stop of the guided visit will be the tower, the real symbol of the Reserve, whose inside became a real museum, showing a realization on a 1:1 scale of a boat previously used for transportation in amphora of wine and oil.

During the rest of the tour, you will have the time for a lunch break on the beach ‘Punta Penna Grossa’ and of course you cannot miss a dive in our crystal clear sea! In the late afternoon you will get ready for your way back to the city, riding the same journey as the outward one (coffee break ), but this time with the red lights of a typical sunset in the Messapian land.

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